Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hydration Hydration Hydration

I remember a time when I would steer away from any lotion because I despised the way it felt on my skin. I especially hated The Body Shop's body butters because I thought they were overly sticky and and gross.

But times are changing and they are now my holy grail body moisturizers. I love the way the formulation sinks into my skin nicely ( I swear they didn't before!) smell absolutely amazing and they way it makes my skin feel especially in the morning. All plumped and hydrated. Very good stuff!

Another body moisturizer I have been loving is Hempz Herbal Lotion. I use this as my morning lotion anand it makes my skin feel smooth and silky. It sinks in pretty much immediately ( which is important ssince summer has officially arrived in Manila) so I can slap it on my skin, put on my clothes and go about my day without feeling sticky and icky. I'm almost done with this one but I already have a back  up :)

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