Monday, March 24, 2014

Change of weather

Today for the first time in months I felt the heat in the air. Which is odd because it's been raining all day, I'm thinking it's the steam coming out from the ground ( hot pavement/ cool rain) that's making the air so humid. whatever! It's so annoying.

Summer is around the corner and i'm dreading it so much. Manila summers are GRUELING and I hate it. Not a big beach person so I never look forward to lying out in the sun. When I do go on a beach holiday- which i go to to spend time with friends and so that I have an excuse to drink at noon, i'm slathered in SPF and huddled under a humungous beach umbrella.

I AM looking forward to my summer vacation in Europe though. I'm already starting to draft my packing list ( the only thing i'm anal about. I hate forgetting stuff and i'm a notorious over packer ) so I can't wait to document that here. My travel makeup kit will also be documented! I think i'll also do a post on my carry on bag since it's a long haul and I will bring more stuff than usual. EEK! So excited!

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