Monday, March 24, 2014

Change of weather

Today for the first time in months I felt the heat in the air. Which is odd because it's been raining all day, I'm thinking it's the steam coming out from the ground ( hot pavement/ cool rain) that's making the air so humid. whatever! It's so annoying.

Summer is around the corner and i'm dreading it so much. Manila summers are GRUELING and I hate it. Not a big beach person so I never look forward to lying out in the sun. When I do go on a beach holiday- which i go to to spend time with friends and so that I have an excuse to drink at noon, i'm slathered in SPF and huddled under a humungous beach umbrella.

I AM looking forward to my summer vacation in Europe though. I'm already starting to draft my packing list ( the only thing i'm anal about. I hate forgetting stuff and i'm a notorious over packer ) so I can't wait to document that here. My travel makeup kit will also be documented! I think i'll also do a post on my carry on bag since it's a long haul and I will bring more stuff than usual. EEK! So excited!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Gone too soon

The death of Helena Belmonte really saddened me. I've been following Helena and some of her friends  for years before instagram existed on livejournal and I feel as though I knew her. I admit my first impressions of the girls were they were just a couple of rich girls who were always part of Manila's party scene. But as the years went by I learned to love Helena and her friends because they had a friendship so strong that some of them would cross miles to be with each other and they were always so  expressive with their love for each other. I really admired that because I think valuing your friends is really important.

Helena's death has been ruled as a suicide and there's something incredibly heart wrenching about that because not only was she beautiful but she was so loved by others. But I will not judge her but instead pray for her soul and for those she left behind.

I hope she is free of everything that was weighing her down.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

London, Paris and Rome..Oh my!

It's finally happening..I'm going to Europe!!! Andrew and I will be going with his family and the itinerary is London > Paris > Rome and i couldn't get any more excited. In a months time i'll be able to tick one off the bucket list!

I'm also excited to do another set of travelogues in my new blog. I still can't believe stupid wordpress deleted my blog before I refused to pay $80 to renew it. I mean what kind of business is that?!UGH. Whatever, that's another rant for another time.

I'll probably also be doing a series of packing and organizing post since i've been keen on keeping things neat lately so i'm pretty excited to show off some tips and how-tos. I've also bought a travelon anti theft bag so i'm looking forward to write a review about that.