Monday, January 13, 2014

First Post.

Hi Blogspot! Never thought i'd be blogging from another platform ever since I bought my own domain two years ago. But a couple months ago my yearly subscription expired and I didn't have time to renew it. I do have valid reason for overlooking this- wedding preparations, mini moon itinerary planning , and packing and moving into a townhouse. It was a pretty busy month and I HATE wordpress for charging me a late renewal fee of $80..

I mean, seriously? I live in the Philippines! I earn pesos! I'm third world! hahha I got some advice to make noise and make wordpress waive the fee but after reading some posts on the forums I really can't be bothered and even though it pains me to have my blog deleted in a matter of weeks but there is no well in hell I am paying $80 on top of my other fees. It's just highway robbery if you ask me!! But whatever. I figured since we've ringed in a new year ( hello 2014!!) I should also celebrate with a new blog! I also think it's good timing since I am a newlywed and have my own home, I have so much new endeavors to share and document. With that said, I want to welcome any readers in my new home :]